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Dialysis Information in Lancaster, California


Dialysis is a blood treatment that performs the functions of your kidney. In some cases, a doctor may require patients to receive dialysis from an in-hospital treatment facility, but in most cases, doctors recommend patients receive dialysis from treatment facilities closer to their homes.

At Antelope Valley Kidney Institute, we serve Lancaster, California and the surrounding areas.

How Dialysis Works

When kidneys lose their ability to function, waste builds up in the blood. During dialysis, several different processes may be used to remove salt, extra water and other waste from blood to prevent a toxic buildup and other life-threatening complications

Getting Treatment

People with diminished kidney function do not usually need dialysis until they reach end-stage kidney failure when the kidneys function at less than 15 percent.

Dialysis usually takes place several times a week in sessions lasting several hours. Your doctor will give you more specific instructions for the most effective plan to treat your kidney disease.

Comfort on Dialysis

Some patients find dialysis uncomfortable at first, usually either because they are unaccustomed to their fistula or graft or because the process requires them to sit down for consecutive hours. The actual dialysis treatment is painless. Most patients become accustomed to the process quickly. At Antelope Valley Kidney Institute, we do our best to make dialysis experience as painless as possible.

Traveling on Dialysis

Many patients on dialysis are able to travel without difficulty. There are treatment centers across the United States and in many foreign countries. At Antelope Valley Kidney Institute, we welcome visitors. If you are planning a visit to the Lancaster area, call and schedule dialysis for your visit.

Available Treatments

Depending on your kidney function, different treatment methods may be available to you through the Antelope Valley Kidney Institute. There are two dialysis treatments: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Depending on your kidney functions, your doctor will choose the best treatment method for you.

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