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In-Center Dialysis Nurse

  1. Promotes teamwork and keeps a positive attitude at all times.

  2. Welcomes and may be assigned to orient new patients and staff to our facility.

  3. Listens to patient, family and physician concerns and takes their suggestions into consideration.

  4. Provides primary nursing care by initiating, monitoring and concluding dialysis.

  5. Provides thorough assessment at initiation of dialysis treatment and post treatment.

  6. Assesses the patient’s physical and emotional condition and re-assesses while on dialysis making  adjustments as needed, using sound nursing judgment.

  7. Administers medications during the dialysis treatment and responds to patient reactions.

  8. Implements and carries out physician’s orders, exercising professional nursing judgment to question orders when indicated.

  9. Documents accurate and concise observations in the medical record.

  10. Responsible for documentation of initial nursing assessment, monthly nursing note and all Plan of Care related documentation.

  11. Monitors and adjusts the functioning of dialysis machines, intravenous and other equipment.

  12. Insures blood is drawn and sent to lab monthly and as needed.

  13. Performs monthly medication reviews.

  14. Reviews lab reports and notifies physicians and Clinical Coordinator as needed.

  15. Keeps kardexes, progress notes, home medication sheet updated monthly and patient care plans current for the status of the patient.

  16. Coordinates nursing care by directing and monitoring staff in giving patient care.

  17. Instructs new personnel in the policies and procedures at AVKI and techniques of providing nursing care, charting and maintenance of records.

  18. Provides technical support, guidance and mentoring to LVN’s, CHT’s, PCT’s, and DA’s.

  19. Maintains aseptic technique and sterility of materials for a variety of complex dialysis procedures.

  20. Responds to emergency situations and initiates immediate appropriate remedial action.  Recognizes problems, which may be beyond control and notifies the appropriate person for assistance.

  21. Documents incidents involving patients, employees, and visitors.

  22. Coordinates with Social Worker and Dietitian, CAPD Coordinator, and other departments for continuity of patient care and services.

  23. Works with other health care personnel to arrange for discharge of patients to other units or hospitals.

  24. Checks crash cart  and emergency evacuation kit when scheduled.

  25. Practices Universal Precautions for infection control in the unit.

  26. Provides patient education and reinforces teaching given by other members of the health care team.

  27. Practices good telephone etiquette.

  28. Participates in CQI Process, in-service programs and staff meetings.

  29. Keep Charge Nurse/Clinical Coordinator informed of change in patient’s condition.

  30. Identifies equipment and/or supplies needed to Charge Nurse/Clinical Coordinator.

  31. Maintains a clean a safe environment at all times.

  32. Other duties and projects assigned by the Clinical Coordinator/Administrative Director/VP.

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